• Primorsky boulevard

    Creating portraits of vacationers in warm sunlight on the famous Odessa Primorsky Boulevard, one could not help but admire the surrounding beauty

  • Golden Brigantine

    It is an association of painter working in different genres and types of art.


    The section was created over twenty years ago

  • Collectors section

  • Continuity of generations. Under the sign of creation

    The succession of generations is one of the most important phenomena in the life of society, because thanks to it the past is preserved, the integrity of society is preserved, and the vector of its further development is determined.

  • Environmental protection and monitoring of the Black sea

    Creation and maintenance of ecological space, both a zone of survival of marine flora and fauna, and animals and birds on land ...


    Stand ship modeling is an independent type of decorative and applied art, the purpose of which is to create a scale model of a prototype ship

  • Langeron

    "Lanzheron" is the place where the coast ends and the sea begins, where memories of childhood and youth, of the life of our relatives and friends are intertwined, this is a holy place, covered with glorious history and memory.


Odessa has always been rich in artists who devoted themselves and their work to the sea. Marine studies in the history and modernity of the city, masters, collectors and connoisseurs of the genre - this is an undeclared club, protected from the profane by the very sophistication of the phenomenon. Works are born, passions are born. Then, when the storms subside, the works of the masters become cultural property and settle in collections. The evidence of these events is history in itself ...

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